Sunday, June 16, 2013

God isn't through with me yet

Why should I worry and why should I fret?
The God that I love isn’t through with me yet.
The problems I face will some day pass away
But for here and for now, I will trust and obey.

I can listen to people who share the bad news
Or hang with a crowd that is singing the blues;
But to follow the vision, the dream and the goal,
I’m clinging to Jesus, who blesses my soul.

I need to get back to my calling from God.
I need Him to fix what is failing or flawed.
With my eyes on the Saviour, the Ancient of Days,
My faith is renewed with no stops and delays.

I just get on board with God’s purpose and plan
As He puts in my heart a great fire He can fan.
His peace and His joy come down from above
As I sense in my spirit His wonderful love.

So the message God brings in His own special way
Is a message of hope on this glorious day.
In the midst of the things He has promised to do
Come those five little words “I will never leave you”.

So don’t be afraid of the storms now at hand.
Rejoice and believe and be willing to stand.
For we’re on the team with the Captain and King,
And He is the Master of Everything!

Bulletin 16 June 2013 here