Saturday, September 1, 2018

But I don't like reading

If you love someone, you will want to spend time with them. If you delight in the Lord, you will want to hear from Him. The amazing thing is that God wants to talk to us, to tell us of His love for us, to share the wonders of the great saga of Redemption History, and thus for us to learn much about Him and His steadfast love that endures forever. One of the ways He does this, is to speak to us through the Bible. 
In Genesis 3:8-9 the Lord came into the Garden of Eden looking for Adam for his daily walk and chat, but Adam, sadly, had been listening to another voice! If only... Don’t let that happen to you. Be there each day – every day, to hear what the Lord is wanting to say to you.

Do you know that if you were to read or listen to one chapter of the Bible per day, you would cover the whole Bible in three years?

‘But I don’t like reading!’ There are now lots of alternatives. Audio Bibles are available for online listening or downloading to your phone or Ipad or Android device Many of them are free; there are even choices of different versions, and different voices! Imagine how much of the Bible you could hear on your next trip - might make for less stressful travel too!

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Rev'd Ray Laird