Wednesday, February 28, 2018

What is that in your hand?

In our lives, all kinds of challenges come our way. There is a great question that comes from Exodus 4:2-3. The setting is Moses, a timid leader, having a conversation with the Lord at the burning bush.

The question that comes as Moses pondered his commission to lead God’s people out of bondage is simply: “What is that in your hand?”

The Lord drew Moses away from his anxiety for the future and pointed out that He had given him a shepherd’s crook. God showed Moses that He could use this ordinary staff to perform His work, and the ensuing miracles would show an unbelieving people that they could trust Moses as he led them.

Sometimes we need to ask ourselves what God has placed in our hands to enable others to see God at work - to use in His service, or to realise that sometimes the answers to our prayers are right there in front of us.

As we walk together, perhaps we will discover new ways that God can use us to encourage each other, deepen our ministry, reach out to our community, and, above all, glorify Him.

May you know God’s blessing as we walk together.

Pastor Roger