Sunday, September 4, 2016

Praying for fathers

September is a month when we think especially of fathers.

This is a time when we thank God for our own fathers, and those men who today, are training up their children in His ways. Most of all we praise God for His wonderful faithfulness as our Heavenly Father…….and Jesus, Who reveals His love to us.

But let us in prayer especially think of those fathers who are troubled in heart because of life’s hardships - those who are unable to provide for their children as they would want. Those who are bringing up their children without their mother, and the grief that brings.

Let us pray for those fathers who have been hurt by the misunderstanding, neglect and hostility of their children. Let us remember those fathers who, despite family break-down and divorce, are trying to remain in their children
s lives. We think especially of those who are being denied access to their children and are heavy-hearted on Fathers’ Day.

We pray for fathers who just don’t know what to do; that they somehow will come to the point where they seek God’s help and wisdom. Here too, we would remember those who are saddened today because of the loss of their father.... and are so reminded of the gaps they have left.

Let us remember those men who have no children, but love and care for the next generation as if they were their own. We remember those men who have "fathered" children in their role as mentors and guides; also those men who are about to become fathers; may they openly delight in their children.

We pray that God will bless all fathers!

Pastor Roger