Saturday, July 2, 2016

A new name

I will also give that person a white stone with a new name written on it. Revelation 2:17

She called herself a worrier, but when her child was hurt in an accident, she learned how to escape that restricting label. As her child was re cover ing, she met each week with friends to talk and pray, asking God for help and healing. Through the months, as she turned her fears and concerns into prayer, she realised that she was changing from being a worrier to a prayer warrior. She sensed that the Lord was giving her a new name. Her identity in Christ was deepening through the struggle of unwanted heartache.

In Jesus’ letter to the church at Pergamum, the Lord promises to give to the faithful a white stone with a new name on it (Revelation 2:17). Biblical com men tators have debated over the meaning, but most agree that this white stone points to our freedom in Christ. In biblical times, juries in a court of law used a white stone for a “not guilty“ verdict and a black stone for “guilty”. A white stone also gained the hearer entrance into such events as banquets; likewise, those who receive God’s white stone are welcomed to the heavenly feast. Jesus’ death brings us freedom and new life - and a new name.

What new name do you think God might give to you?

Amy Boucher Pye
(Source: “Our Daily Bread”)

May I live out my new identity, sharing Your love and joy. Show me how You have made me into a new creation.

Pastor Roger