Friday, October 2, 2015

Praying through the Daily News

I recently came across this challenging article titled "Using the Daily News as a Prayer Guide". I have rewritten some of it. I feel it is a timely reminder for us to exercise what is a unique gift that God has given to His people, the ability to intercede in prayer on behalf of others.

Never before in the history of our world have we been so well informed about the events and issues that are happening in every area of the globe. Being able to connect to the 24‑hour news services on either our TV, tablet, computer or mobile phone means we can know almost everything that is going on. When a news story breaks which is huge and catastrophic, it can stay on our screens for days.

This can be so overwhelming. What do we do with all of this information? What is your response? There is an increasing group who just refuses to follow the news, whilst some prefer to record a news channel and then fast-forward to just the main stories, rather than the endless commentary and interpretation from the reporters. However, the question comes to us, “Do we just put the proverbial blanket over our heads and try to stay immune from what is going on, or is there a better way?”.

It has been suggested that we should see the main news stories as prayer points, and that we should ask God for a burden to pray for the main stories, which are not only disturbing but involve real people. There are great threats to religious freedom and issues of persecution in both overt and covert ways. As Christ’s disciples, we have a great opportunity and obligation to intercede for these events in prayer. Don't we believe in the power of prayer? This prayer power really is greater than any terrorist plot or threat.

One of the great challenges for us is that, when every day we see bloodshed and human faces of suffering, it is too easy to become overwhelmed and desensitised to the incredible needs around us. We need to pray against this and the apathy it brings.

Perhaps our daily watching of the news might bring with it a renewed vision to join thousands around the world as we pray for God’s justice and rule for each situation. It is worth praying about, isn't it!

May God continue to bless you as you seek to walk with Him.

Pastor Roger