Friday, June 5, 2015

A Heartfelt Cry

The idea of crying out to God usually implies distress, great need, testing, or simply a strong desire to experience or hear from God in a specific way. That was exactly where David found him self, surrounded by enemies who set a trap for him, fierce as lions whose tongues cut like swords. However, he directed his heartfelt cry not to just any god, but to the God who had proven Himself faithful again and again and who would fulfill His purpose for David. In Psalm 57, David proclaimed his confidence that God would “send help from heaven” to save him (v 3). Just as David did, we are meant to build on every experience of God’s help and faithfulness in the past so that our hearts will be confident in Him and sing His praise (v 7). What are you facing today? Give it—along with the burden and worry you feel—to the Lord, and trust in His promise that He will fulfill His purpose for you.

A prayer:
LORD, in my distress I still choose to trust and have hope in the fulfilment of Your purposes for my life. Help me not to hide my troubled heart from You but to cry out to You, for You alone know the depth of my need. Thank You for Your promise that You will fulfill Your purpose for me. I lay at Your feet any pressure I feel to take matters into my own hands. You are able to turn any troubles I face into a fulfilment of my destiny to be more like You!
Cheri Fuller, Tyndale

“God is ready to assume full responsibility for the life wholly yielded to Him.” 
Andrew Murray