Friday, October 3, 2014

Freedom Sunday

Introducing “Freedom Sunday”    

On Sunday the 19th of October, Christian communities all around the world will participate in “Freedom Sunday”, a day to raise awareness of the crime of human trafficking and to share in worship, prayer and commitment to do what we can to prevent this crime.

Wihini & Sunni’s Story

Wihini, aged nine, and her brother Sunni, aged seven, lived on Thane train station in Mumbai, India with their parents who were both alcoholics.

Wihini and Sunni were regular attendees of a children’s centre run by a charity, where they learnt to read and write and were given the opportunity to play. After attending daily for three months, they disappeared. When the project staff went to look for them, Wihini and Sunni’s father told how a man had come and offered money for them and that he had sold them for $30. That was the last the father and the staff heard of them. In that area of Mumbai, children regularly disappeared or were kid napped and sold.

Our mission, as the church around the globe, is to proclaim liberation, tangibly demonstrating good news to an often hurting world. Freedom Sunday is an opportunity for us all to pray, reflect and plan our practical response to the appalling injustice of human 

We, as a local Church, have set aside our Sunday morning to be part of this world-wide action!

Roger Matthews