Saturday, August 30, 2014

Why don't we bring our Bibles to Church?

Recently I have begun to be involved in leading the Wed nesday morning home group.

The studies are based on the Holy Spirit, explaining who He is and the important role He has as part of the Trinity. Our most recent study has been looking at the role the Holy Spirit has in ‘revelation’, illuminating the Bible as we meditate on it.

After a great morning of sharing together and while driving back to the office, a series of questions began to form in my mind.

Why don’t we bring our Bibles to church? As a young Christian, I walked to church, proudly showing my large black Bible to all who were looking. In seeking to be discreet and inclusive, have we lost our identity as people of the Book? It’s great to have PowerPoint sermon outlines and the text on the screen, but the downside is that we easily leave our Bibles at home. As a result, that image of coming to worship with ‘God’s book’ close to us, and its consequent witness to those around us, are lost.

How we portray our commitment to study and rightly understand God’s word, allowing it to shape us and deepen our Christian walk, is so crucial because, until others around us read it for themselves, our lives and characters might be the only ‘Bible’ they see. It’s worth considering, isn’t it!

May God continue to lead and guide us all as we walk together.

Pastor Roger