Sunday, February 2, 2014

Lessons from the Church Garden

“Growing where we are planted” …. I was mildly amused and surprised when conducting my usual walk around the Church buildings, I noticed a small flowering plant growing out of the concrete foundation of the Hall.

Through a tiny crack in the concrete, it had managed to plant its roots and find enough moisture and sunlight to thrive in a somewhat harsh environment.

I couldn’t help but think of the barren places we sometimes find ourselves on our walk with God. Often we tread in places and situations that seem so hostile to spiritual life, and then overcoming great odds, a spiritual seed is planted and again God grows a beautiful evidence of His power to transform each situation on our journey.

“Ted’s trick” ... If you come to the Church complex mid-week, you will meet Ted, our gardener and landscaper extraordinaire!

A few months ago, he found some plastic flowers in the rubbish skip and decided to plant them into the garden.


To his amusement, many people glancing at the flowers from a distance congratulated him on doing the seemingly impossible — managing to encourage flowers to bloom out of their season. Of course, when the flowers were more closely examined, they looked fake.

What a challenge for us as we begin a new year together in ministry! We want to be authentic, consistent disciples of Jesus Christ, who at close scrutiny, will stand the test of being real followers of Christ, not false, as we seek to patiently encourage those around us to examine the claims of Jesus Christ and discover that He is indeed, the risen King of kings.. May God bless you as we walk together.

Pastor Roger.