Sunday, October 20, 2013

Marriage Prayer

The Canberra House of Prayer has called  for Christians to unite in prayer for the sanctity of marriage in Australia, when this week it is proposed that the Christian definition of marriage is to be legally redefined. The push is powerful and coming at us from all sides. We therefore make our appeal to God, because human arguments and wisdom and constitutional grounds alone are not enough. Let us pray and praise our God with other believers right across Australia. Let us look to Him and trust Him to defend marriage in our land. 

Marriage Prayer

Our Father in Heaven, we pray for Your continuing grace upon our nation Australia. We pray that marriage will remain in our nation's laws as a lifelong covenant mutually entered into between a man and a woman according to God's Word.

We dedicate ourselves afresh to be filled with the life, light, truth and love of God, asking You to soften our hearts, mind and will. Give us the desire to follow Your ways through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. 

Purify our nation's sexual relationships, that all Australians may live under the blessings of the new covenant made possible 
through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. 

We ask You to deliver us from our sins and iniquities and restore our marriages. We pray for a marriage revolution in Australia and a revival of love in Australian families. 

We pray that Australia may become the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit; a holy nation living under the lordship 
of Jesus Christ. 

We pray in Jesus' name. Amen. 

Bulletin 20-10-13 here