Sunday, August 11, 2013

Unfinished History

We are currently recalling that the book of Acts is unfinished history that we are privileged to be still writing today and especially on this Missions Sunday, we know there are those who are called, like Stephen, to lay down their lives for Jesus’ sake.

We recall that during the first century, almost all of Jesus’ disciples suffered martyrdom for His sake. Peter was crucified upside down, Mark was torn to pieces, and Paul was beheaded. As Christianity spread throughout Europe and the British Isles, countless numbers of Christians were tortured and burned at the stake. And few can forget the moving story of Jim Elliot and four others who ventured into the Ecuadorian jungle, never to return.


This history reminds us of the great price that belief in God may demand and the great impact that such a sacrifice can have. Today there are millions of Christians around the world facing persecution for their faith in Jesus, some disowned by their families, others tortured or imprisoned, and others sent away from their homes, even facing death. They are the Christian martyrs of this century; the fathers, mothers, grandparents, and children who have lost their lives for the sake of the gospel. Around the world the light of their testimonies continues to shine. The full impact of the work of so many sharing the Gospel around the world in most difficult circumstances, is immeasurable.

We bear all this in mind this month as we focus our prayers and support on the ministry of Gospel For Asia - reaching out to the unreached and raising our awareness and prayerful support. Let’s rise from our comfort and conveniences and uphold them in the best way we are able.

Bulletin 11th August 2013 here