Sunday, March 10, 2013

What about foot-washing?

How many times do we come to this passage and think  - let’s get some people together with some towels and basins and really get into this text?  Let’s get the youth group or the young adults and dramatize the scene depicting Jesus during supper, taking off His outer garment and washing the  disciples’ feet.

The problem really is -  if we were to do this (dramatize the scene) the only thing that people would remember would be that we washed feet in Church!   Even the foot-washing in context would lose its significance because we have running water and showers at home and most of our roads are sealed.
But foot-washing isn’t about foot washing is it?  It’s about serving others at personal sacrifice, humbling ourselves when we don’t have to, because we don’t have to.
When Mother Theresa was visiting a large city in America opening a refuge for the poor, a newsman, expecting her to ask for a monetary contribution, asked her if there was anything he could do for her. “Yes” she said, “find someone no one else loves and love them!”
Foot washing really isn’t about foot washing!  It’s a challenge to give of ourselves when we don’t have to!
                                                            Matthew 25:45

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