Saturday, February 16, 2013

A book with all the answers

This week in the masses of data coming through on the internet, there has been a reminder of the words of a former President of the United States.  Reflecting back through several of his speeches, it serves as a warning and a source of great encouragement to be reminded of his words.

“It is fashionable in some circles to believe that no one in Government should encourage others to read the Bible because it would violate the constitutional separation of Church and State established by the fathers in the First Amend-ment.  That Amendment was not written to protect people and their laws from religious values  it was written to protect those values from Government tyranny.“We’ll never find every answer, solve every problem, or heal every wound, but we can walk down that one path that we know provides real hope …… we must seek help from God, our Father and Provider. My experience in this Office of President only deepens my belief held for many years  “Within the covers of that single book  the Bible  are all the answers to all the problems that face us today IF we would only read and believe!”

Be encouraged by this reminder, for, whether our concerns be deep or simple, we can claim God’s loving promises for His provision according to His Word.

Bulletin 17 February 2013 available here