Friday, February 1, 2013

What shoes are you wearing?

This week in our “Spiritual Warfare - Armour of God” series, Pastor Roger sets the focus on the shoes we may be wearing.

We will consider what is the preparation of the gospel. Surely it is the story of God’s love. The gospel message of how God came to earth, became a man, died on a cross to pay for mankind’s sin and how He gives anyone who believes in Jesus Christ the right to become children of God. And also, it is also our story of how the Lord saved us! It’s our testimony of what God has done to bring us to salvation.

Can you tell your 30-second story of salvation? If not, consider putting some effort into it. How the Lord saved you is worth telling others. You never know how your story may affect those around you. Your story may be just what a person needed to hear, to cross the line and step into faith in Jesus Christ. Why would Paul tells us to put our testimony on our feet? It is not literal here but figurative. Our story goes with us wherever we may be. Our feet carry us to many different places. Therefore, our testimony, the preparation of the gospel, goes where we go. So we need always to be ready to give an answer to anyone who asks why you have this hope. (1 Peter 3:15)

Lord, thank You for Your saving grace.
Help us share how Your love has changed us.
Enable us to carry Your gospel of peace
wherever we may be until everyone in our circle of life sees the evidence of
Your glorious love.
In Jesus’ name we pray ….